Six Steps to Accurate Hiring Decisions

Don’t just go with your gut. Make sure your interviewing process includes these six steps, and you will have much greater success in building a winning team:

  1. rubiks cubeHiring Manager’s One- on- One Interview: A good interview allows the hiring authority to assess if the candidate has the proven credentials necessary to perform successfully in the job, how motivated the candidate is to do the job, and how likable the candidate is. Prepare questions in advance to make sure you get all the information you need.

  2. Other Interviews: Other stakeholders in the process will have valuable input in assessing the candidate and making a well-thought out hiring decision that relies on more than just gut feel.

  3. Take-home project: Consider assigning candidates homework, such as a making a plan for how they would approach the first six months in the job or having them evaluate the strengths and opportunities of a particular business. This can give crucial information you would never get from just talking to a candidate, including a deeper look at how much substance the candidate really has, their written communication and technical skills, and how motivated they really are.

  4. Reference Checking:  A potent tool. Consider doing a “360″ reference where you speak with a candidate’s supervisor, peer, and direct report. A good reference check explores why the reasons why a candidate is a good fit for a particular job, biggest accomplishments, interpersonal skills, technical skills, character and personal integrity, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

  5. Background checks: A cheap way to avoid a disastrous hiring mistake that you can’t afford to make. You need to know if your candidate has a criminal background.

  6. Testing: Personality tests and skills assessment tests are useful in confirming or giving pause to information you have already gathered about a candidate through the above methods. They can make up a piece of the pie in the hiring decision along with the other important methods listed above.

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