How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the biggest business networking website in the history of the known universe. It’s one of the most revolutionary developments ever to empower building business relationships with people around the world.

Personally, I am flat out crazy phenomenally giddily nuts over LinkedIn, and although my enthusiasm had cooled down half a notch due to the sheer settling in of it to, shall we say, status quo in my world, it has now flown off to new heights, for two reasons:

LinkedIn recently passed the 100 million user mark, and I have learned some nifty new approaches about how to write your LinkedIn profile to ramp up its value and benefit.

Much of my recent LinkedIn tips and inspiration come courtesy of Lewis Howes. Lewis is the author of the book LinkedWorking: Generating Success on LinkedIn … the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website. If you want to know more about Lewis (he’s a sports marketer, athlete, writer, and LinkedIn educator extraordinaire) just find his LinkedIn profile. I’m going to share some of Lewis’s LI enlightenment with you now. Get ready for this because what I am about to tell you is one of the best tips ever for driving traffic to your LI profile.

Simply by using a pattern of keywords in writing your profile, you can create a presence on LinkedIn that can be easily found. It’s basically SEO (search engine optimization) for LinkedIn.

It could mean the difference between millions of people finding a LinkedIn profile or only a few. This can change your profile from the bottom of the heap to number one instantly.

I have put this tip into action on my own LI profile, and as a result I am today the first profile on the list out of 1,439 results when you type in the keywords “restaurant executive recruiter.” This is so cool because that is how I help people: through executive search for high-level and mid-level restaurant executives in all functions nationwide.

Without further ado, here’s how the keyword tip works: you simply put the keywords that describe what you do and how you help people into five specific places on your LinkedIn profile: headline, current experience, past experience, summary, and specialties. If you look at my LinkedIn profile, I have the phrase “restaurant executive recruiter” in all those five places. Voilà, there I am, easily found on LinkedIn search results if you type those keywords in the search box.

As for how to choose the best keywords, what people are supposed to do when they find your LI profile, and how to build real community on LinkedIn, that is a whole other article… or several. I’m still learning. In fact, I am going to make this one the first in a series of articles about what I am learning about maximizing LinkedIn.

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here. Don’t just send me a generic invite – write a little something about yourself and why you’re interested in connecting (that’s another great LinkedIn tip). If you’re one of the 1,045 people I’m already connected with on LinkedIn, don’t be a stranger. Let me know how I can help you on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for a mother lode of ideas and inspiration about how to find success on LinkedIn, I recommend Lewis Howes’ book LinkedWorking: Generating Success on LinkedIn … the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website. This book has helped reenergize my enthusiasm for networking.

Rebecca Patt specializes in recruiting top talent for the restaurant and food service industry.

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