Top Five Best LinkedIn Tips

A close up view of a map of my LinkedIn connections
A close-up view of a map of my LinkedIn connections. Putting some thought and strategy into writing your LinkedIn profile can connect you to great people and opportunities.

Here are tips for becoming a LinkedIn magnet:

1. SEO your profile: Using a simple pattern of keywords in your LinkedIn profile can put you at the top of the list among millions of users on the world’s largest professional networking site.

This could be the best LinkedIn tip you’ll ever hear, and it comes to me courtesy of Lewis Howes, who wrote the book LinkedWorking: Generating Success on LinkedIn … the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website. For simple instructions on how to easily achieve top search results for your profile, see my previous article How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile.

2. Give your profile a human touch: Remember that LinkedIn is part of the phenomenon of social networking. Social networking is about forging a human connection and being a real person. Do your fellow humans a favor and make your LinkedIn profile engaging.

Take the time to complete all the various sections of your profile. Give it a personal touch while focusing on your professional value. Too many LinkedIn profiles read like a mating call to a fax machine or as if they were vomited on by a manual of business jargon.

LinkedIn sits in the middle between the dry, bullet-pointed focus of a resume and the opportunity to be even more expressive about who you are in a blog.

3. Expand your connections: The way LinkedIn works is that the more connections that you build, the more people you can communicate with and the more visibility your profile will receive.

Your network does not benefit from being kept small and exclusive. You don’t want your network to be redundant. For more about the proven power of including “capstones” and “weak ties” in your network, read LinkedWorking.

4. Join Groups: LinkedIn has thousands of groups for just about every affinity and interest. Participating in groups also helps you increase your network and get exposure to compelling information, such as job postings that you won’t see anywhere else.

5. Get Recommendations: Ask a trusted colleague or client to write you a recommendation, and write recommendations for others. The credibility inherent in a thoughtful, sincere recommendation increases your networking power tremendously.

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