Three Great Reasons to Hire US Military Veterans… and How to Recruit Them


Veteran CentralA fast-growing new website called is helping to connect US military veterans with job opportunities and many other resources that they need for transitioning to civilian life.

The website features a job board that fills a unique niche for veterans in the job market and companies who would like to hire a veteran.

Veteran Central’s Director of Jobs, Daniel Weisshaar, is focused on building partnerships and providing real tools to help employers find qualified veteran employees.

When did the site launch?

We launched in January, 2012. We left beta testing and had a full launch on April 1.

Why should a company hire a veteran?

Veterans are hard workers, team players, and natural leaders. They know how to handle stress. In recent years, the military trains all service members in how to handle stressful situations. They know how to adapt and change very well.

Hiring a veteran is not about charity. It’s about hiring an employee who is a team player who is ready to step up into a leadership role when failure is not an option.                                    

Do employers receive tax incentives for veteran employees?

The federal government and a lot of state governments offer tax incentives for hiring veterans. It depends on their disability rating and how long they’ve been unemployed; you can get as much as $10,000 as a tax incentive. I believe the latest tax incentives were signed into law last year.

One of the things we are working on at is a small business resource center where employers can learn about tax incentives and training and maintaining vet hires. Sometimes they have unique human resources needs that small businesses aren’t always equipped to deal with, like dealing with their unique medical needs. We are finding best practices and centralizing them on our website.

Is unemployment among veterans higher than non-veterans?

A young veteran under the age of 30 is twice as likely to be unemployed as a non veteran. Odds are they just have a high school diploma, and employers may think they have non transferable skills, and nothing could be further from the truth on that front. And there is a stigma with PTSD.

Hiring a veteran is not about charity. It’s about hiring an employee who is a team player who is ready to step up into a leadership role when failure is not an option.

Why did the website get started?

One of our co-founders was doing research for the National Guard on suicide prevention and found that unemployment has a large impact of suicide among veterans. A lot of companies are looking for veterans and are having a hard time to find the right veteran for the job.

Our co-founders are a veteran and a tech entrepreneur who has experience building social networks. They were talking about how the system for finding employment for veterans is broken. You have websites that are basic static job boards and resume repositories. That’s all they are. We are building a social network where veterans and people who want to hire veterans and veteran supporters can all network in a meaningful way online.

As an example, on August 10, we are going to release a new part of our website, in addition to the job board and other features. As a veteran, you can type in your address and your city and it will show you all the resources that are available to you. You will see the resources and be able to rate them on a one-to-five scale, like Yelp. As a supporter of veterans, you can see what resources are the most successful and give them your time and money. And as an employer, you can see what areas in your city where you can meet up with veterans.

Tell me about the job posting part of the website?

Right now you could register on and post a basic job posting for free. Or you could email your job description in detail to, and we will post it for you. You can also search through 900 resumes from all over the country, and that number is growing exponentially.

In August, employers will be able to have a premium job post which will include your job in an interactive jobs ticker as well as the ability to add a photo to your job that relates to the job type, so veterans can visually sort through the jobs.

If you have any questions for Veterans Central Director of Jobs Daniel Weisshaar, contact him at

Rebecca Patt is Vice President of Development for Wray Executive Search, specializing in recruiting top talent for the restaurant and food service industry.

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