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Four Top Trends from the National Restaurant Association Show


I just spent three days at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, the annual mecca of restaurant suppliers. I did my best to take it all in and slowly roamed the aisles. I lingered at some booths that I thought had some pretty cool innovations or ideas and some friendly folks to discuss them…

15 Reasons Why Casual Dining is Still Relevant

Peach cobbler for dessert... at brunch.

As the last few years have seen many brands battling declining sales, I’ve observed that the casual-dining segment is in a cycle of being like the stepchild of the industry. Some industry veterans have gotten skeptical, bearish, and even cynical about the casual-dining segment. Fast-casual has become the darling of restaurant insiders because of its…

The Asian QSR Trend Report: Sharpen Your Chopsticks and Put on Your Bunny Slippers

Year of the Rabbit

As I write this, the Chinese are celebrating their New Year and the start of the Year of Rabbit. Since ancient times, the Rabbit has signified diplomacy, elegance, and luck, to name just a few outstanding qualities. The dawn of this auspicious time follows some headline-grabbing developments in recent months in the Asian-inspired quick-serve and…